Thursday, 31 January 2008

Christian Unity in Ireland?

Just found a short press release indicating that the four biggest denominations in Ireland are planning to build one united church building in Adamstown, Ireland's newest town. I've been saying for years that Irish Christianity had more to offer the world than the phrase "Ireland... that's where the Christians are killing each other, isn't it?"
Whether a shared building will give us a home to perpetrate our domestic violence, or a place to build a shared family, or both, remains to be seen.


leon lusher said...

It's not completely without precedent. When the new city of Craigavon was built over 30 years ago, all of the churches initially met together as the united Craigavon church. It lasted until they managed to get their own buildings, and then they drifted apart.

Alan in Belfast said...

united against Lurgan and Portadown?